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My name is...

My name is Serge Sedov. I'm 38 years old. Almost 15 years I work is TV journalism, Documentary and Cinema making. My profession is - telling stories to people. So I am director, camera man, screenwriter, documentalist, actor, video editor, journalist, etc. Till now I was telling stories n russian language, but now me and my family moved to USA.


I am detail-oriented one Man Band accomplished in motion pictures and tv. Excels at relationship-building, organization and making sound judgments under pressure and within tight deadlines.

Skills Highlights

Video production:  pre-producing, management, screen writing, filming skills (BETACAM,DSLR); editing skills (proficient in FCPX, Premiere); overvoicing, videojournalism. Focused. Self-motivated. Scheduling.

Movie production: Screenwriting, acting, shooting, editing, post production, music writing. Thrives under pressure. Concept development. Team player.

Acting: Leading role at comedy web-series (11 parts). Focused. Creative. Clean driving record, that is unusual for actors and is preference)

Core Accomplishments

Created and produced  unique midnigt news compilation program for local tv channel / Sakhalin. 


Promoted to Lead Anchor after just 2 months with REN TV. 

Travelled 11 000 km from Moscow (Russia) to Sakhalin Island (Russia). Crossed country by hitch hiking. Tv show broadcasted at nationl tv channel REN. TV Show and Trip got 3 publications in national press.

Crossed India from South to North by old english motorbike Royal Enfield and made documentari series. (Project in progress)

Worked at weekly prime time show "Week"as journalist. More than 4 broadcasts each week for 2 straight years. Program was nominated to national tv prize - TEFI


Promoted to news producer  after just 2 months of probation in national channel VGTRK NEWS. 

Portrayed "Shaveling" in the comedy web-series "Hi Thai" in 2013.

Professional Experiense - founder. Since 2009 - now. Shot. 2 serials, 8 documentaries, 3 tv shows, 28 news reports from asian region. 35 commercials. Common budget of all work is 1 500 000. 

REN TV /I'm explorer (2008, Moscow,Russia) (travel weekly show): producer, creator, presentor, jornalist.

STAR TV / Double Standart (2008, Moscow,Russia) (economical envestigations weekly show): presenter, journalist.

REN TV/Week (2006-2008, Moscow,Russia) (political weekly prime time show): journalist, reporter.

TV-2/Neews, Weekly Analitic (2005-2006,Tomsk, Russia), journalist, presenter, producer.

NNTV/News (2004-2005, Nizhniy Novgorod,Russia), journalist.

SAKHALIN RUSSIA/News (2003-2004, Sakhalin, Russia), neews presenter, journalist, editor-in-cief.


Diploma Documentary / 2005 Internews (Moscow, Russia)

Top of class Film with Jon Alpert (DCTV,HBO) coursework   

Diploma TV Journalism / 2004 Internews (Moscow, Russia)


Associate of Science Psychology  / 2003 Modern University of Humnity (Sakhalin, Russia)

Bachelor of Science Law / 1998 Intercollege (Nikosia, Cyprus)


MusicMaking/ Reazon, Garage Bang, Playing Wargan

Snowboarding/Took part at Competition at Boardercross.


Trecking/Treck at Himalayas, to ABC, TRecked in thailand at North.



Age: 38 

Height: 5’9

Weight: 155

Hair: wavy salt & pepper, beard,

Eyes: blue

I am founder of TV production company Since 2009 till now.

During 7 years was shot:

- 2 serials,

- 8 documentaries,

- 3 tv shows,

- 28 news reports from asian region, 

- 35 commercials,

News report about our TV crew work during our crossing India project. On air at CABNET  TV Channel, India

Article about our TV crew work during our crossing India project. State Malyalam, India

Article dedicated my trecking to Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal, Afisha Magazin, Sakhalin, Russia

Article about hichhiking crossing Russia. 1 month and 11 000 km. And about shooting Documentary series. Articlp Published in F5 Magazine, Moscow,Russia (my photos in art.)

Article about our TV crew work during our crossing India project. State Malyalam, India

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